Vijac Scheduler Privacy Policy


Vijac respects your privacy. The application is providing voiced enabled command interface for scheduling activities in your calendars. It requires permissions to read and write to a calendar, access your account information and use voice recognition and recording to capture scheduling commands.  

Upon installation the application is accessing your account information and is selecting a list of google accounts, which belong to you. It would select by default one of the accounts for scheduling calendar activities. In case you do not have any google accounts listed on your device, the application will show a message asking to create one and will close. In the configuration there is an option to select one account among multiple as active account associated with a calendar. Account information is not stored by the application in any repository, it is not recorded in application logs. It is only captured at runtime to select active account for scheduling.


Content captured by transcribing voice commands or by capturing virtual keyboard entries are used only for recording events in Google calendar, associated with your Google account. In addition to the command the application records the timestamp and keeps it in the event description in the calendar. In case your free form command can not be interpreted by the application appropriate help message is shown to you. Successful or failed commands are not captured in any logs.


Application allows to specify a location for a scheduled event, as an optional service. Location information is captured via an update command and is only recorded in your calendar event. Application allows to navigate to the specified location using Google maps. The location will be displayed as a link and upon selection will delegate the function to Google Maps. Location information is only recorded in the calendar, but is not captured in any logs.


By default, the application will provide one hour and one day notifications for all successfully scheduled events.


In summary, all collected information is only recorded in your calendar and is not used for any other purpose by the application, including support services.